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Tile and grout covers many different surfaces in your home, from the bathroom floors and shower, to the kitchen floor and entry way. The tile and grout in each of these areas becomes dirty from a variety of sources. In the bathroom, it's mildew caused by moisture in the air, the kitchen and entry way become dirty from grease caused by food spills and ordinary, everyday traffic.

When you are the proud owner of a beautiful tile floor, you will find that at some point, the grout becomes dirty in a way that you can’t seem to clean as well as the tile.  That’s when a tile & grout cleaning company can come in handy.  Tile is a great surface that cleans well, but since that grout has a porous surface, it can absorb parts of dirt and other residues that the tile does not.   That is exactly why it can’t be cleaned by conventional methods.  Hiring a professional grout cleaner is the perfect way to fix this, because We have special tools that can get that dirt out! house-cleaners

Our grout cleaning method retrieve your floor to 85 to 90 percent of its original occurrence. Most spots are strip, but some spots like red wine, mustard and dyes will not come out because they permanently dye the grout. For case like this, tile cleaners recommend retrieve your grout with a pigmented penetrating seal to give grout lines a fresh new look and save you the expense of re-grouting.

We will restore surfaces into their original state in less than a day. In addition to performing a remarkable cleaning, maintenance, and restoration service, we also instruct our clients on the proper care for keeping surfaces preserved and neat.
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