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Dryers work by forcing hot air through the dryer drum that carries lint with it, which is filtered by the lint trap. If the lint trap isn't regularly cleaned, you will get an accumulation of highly flammable material, restricting air flow of very hot air. The air gets hotter as it is restricted eventually igniting the lint which can lead to fire damage of your home. Having your dryer vent cleaned, will eliminate a potential fire hazard and reduce drying time which will ultimately save on your energy bill.

Dryer vent cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of your dryer. The dryer removes moisture from clothing. This moisture is then held by the dryer and is expelled outside through the vent. Over time, the vent will get clogged with a build-up of lint and clothing fibers. If the vent is not properly maintained, the buildup of lint in the vent will not allow the dryer to stay cool when it runs.  If the motor of the dryer gets too hot, it can over heat and cause a fire. Get your dryer vents cleaned and don't become a statistic ! house-cleaners

There are some tell tale signs that you can watch for that will tell you when it is time to have your dryer vents cleaned. For example, if you notice that the lint on the trap in the dryer is damp, the dryer may not be able to push enough air through to properly dry the clothing. Also, you may see that your clothes are taking a lot longer to dry than normal. A lot of homeowners will also start to notice that their dryer is leaving a lot of excess lint around the floor. When you have professionals handy to take care of all of the cleaning and any repairs that need to be done, you will have the added peace of mind that your exhaust system is going to run perfectly and there will be much less of a danger of any sort of dryer fire.

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